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Silinova® Décolletage Pads

The name says it all: the YOUTHagain® method delivers an unexpected rejuvenating effect. The care set was developed especially for women who wake up with horizontal lines above their cleavage. Discover the best solution against overnight creases on your chest and look forward to having a smooth, radiant complexion for an attractive appearance.

The Silinova® Care Set for beautifully firmer skin overnight

The highly effective YOUTHagain® products are recommended for all side sleepers seeking a skin care program for deep wrinkles on their chests. The Care Set is based on the brilliant interplay of regenerating hyaluronic serum and a stabilizing soft silicone pad which helps your skin retain its moisture.

Amazingly simple: crease-free after just a few days

Want to see no more lines or creases on your chest in the mirror each morning? Treat yourself to the special care with the Silinova® décolletage set. The self-adhesive silicone pad can be used above your cleavage, on your neck, or along your collarbone. The patented supple crescent-moon shape stabilizes your skin optimally to prevent it from being folded overnight into deep creases.

Exclusively Made in Germany

Comfortable, gentle on the skin, discreet, and easy to use: aspects that we all find important. That’s why we only use high-quality specialty silicone used for medical treatments for our soft silicone pads. Thanks to the top-quality materials from Germany your skin will thank you with an impressively smooth chest and neckline. YOUTHagain® silicone pads are guaranteed to be skin-friendly, comfortable, and suitable even for sensitive skin. They’re also discreet, barely visible under your nightwear.

Décolletage pads made of special silicone: rely on our expertise

We have spent years developing the innovative YOUTHagain® method combining a silicone pad and hyaluronic serum to work against creases and folds on your chest and neckline. Our company, under the able leadership of Evelyn Rickauer, draws on decades of experience in the manufacture of medical products made of silicone. These silicone pads now give women who sleep on their sides or with creases and lines on their chest and neckline an effective method to reduce these wrinkles.

Enjoy your new look with firmer, more beautiful skin!

Restore the moisture your dry skin needs with the care serum with natural hyaluronic acid and combat the formation of creases and lines above your cleavage. When covered with the soft silicone pad, the active ingredients are able to act even more intensively to regenerate your skin overnight. The YOUTHagain® silicone pad can be used repeatedly and even daily: it’s so gentle, you won’t even feel it.

Want a smoother chest and neckline quickly and for the long term? Take a look at our online shop and be inspired by the revolutionary YOUTHagain® method.