Complete Décolletage Starter Set NECK


The neck never lies…the right choice for those whose problem area is primarily the neck region.
The YOUTHagain® NECK care set contains:

  • a high-quality NECK pad made from medical-grade silicone
  • 30 ml special hyaluronic serum in an elegant airless dispenser for application under the silicone pad
  • 50 ml soft pad cleanser in a practical foamer bottle to clean and reactivate your pads
  • a soft pad cleaning brush

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After years of research, Silinova® has developed a unique care system that counteracts the wrinkling caused by sleeping on your side. The innovative care and repair system restores your skin to a level of smoothness you wouldn’t expect.

The novel combination of moisturizing hyaluronic acid and the hydrating and stabilizing silicone soft pad considerably reduces wrinkles in just a few days.

Completely safe and easy to use – with convincing results:

YOUTHagain® also quickly smooths your chest and neckline with long-term effect. You will marvel at the results even after just the first night. With the self-adhesive silicone pad, the moisture from the hyaluronic serum is retained by the skin to unfold its nourishing effect overnight.

The soft and pliable silicone pad stabilizes your skin and prevents the skin on your chest and neck from being pressed into creases overnight. Your skin only shows soft waves that will leave no trace. And the best part is that you will not feel it.

Revolutionary: the YOUTHagain® NECK pad was developed for those who want to focus their attention on their necks. It is shorter than the YOUTHagain® Classic and can also be used on the décolletage as well as the neck. For problem areas in the upper neck (throat), YOUTHagain® NECK is used with the ends pointing down; if you’re working on wrinkles in the lower neck and collarbone, have the ends pointing upwards.

Unlike décolletage creases, neck wrinkles are not primarily caused by sleep patterns, you do not necessarily have to wear YOUTHagain® NECK at night. A few hours during the day (e.g. while watching television) is usually sufficient for a clearly visible result.

FOR INSTANT RESULTS THAT NIGHT: If you want to be sure that you can present your décolletage with youthful freshness and wrinkle-free in the evening, just wear the YOUTHagain® silicone pad for a few hours during the day under your outfit.

Using the product

Using the YOUTHagain® décolletage pads is unbelievably easy: clean the skin with clear water and dry it off. Apply a drop of special YOUTHagain® hyaluronic serum and then attach the soft silicone pad either to your chest or collarbone area, depending on where you want to reduce creasing and line formation. The pad will stay in place all night and protect your sensitive skin from creasing. At the same time, the highly effective hyaluronic gel nourishes your skin with moisture. Enjoy a good night's sleep and look forward to the results in the morning.

Product cleaning & care

Your YOUTHagain® soft silicone pad is reusable. Once the adhesive force noticeably declines, it's time to reactivate it. Clean your pad with the soft pad cleanser and the soft brush. The gentle cleansing foam is specifically designed for the pad and does not affect the sensitive layer of adhesive medical silicone. Rinse the foam off with clear water and let the pad air dry with the adhesive side up. Your pad's now once again ready to go and will retain its adhesiveness for up to 6 months, depending on your skin's condition and with good care. If cared for and cleaned properly, we will guarantee its adhesiveness for 3 months.