Use & Care

Using the product

Using the YOUTHagain® décolletage pads is unbelievably easy: clean the skin with clear water and dry it off. Apply a drop of special YOUTHagain® hyaluronic serum and then attach the soft silicone pad either to your chest or collarbone area, depending on where you want to reduce creasing and line formation. The pad will stay in place all night and protect your sensitive skin from creasing. At the same time, the highly effective hyaluronic gel nourishes your skin with moisture. Enjoy a good night’s sleep and look forward to the results in the morning.

Product cleaning & care

Your YOUTHagain® soft silicone pad is reusable. Once the adhesive force noticeably declines, it’s time to reactivate it. Clean your pad with the soft pad cleanser and the soft brush. The gentle cleansing foam is specifically designed for the pad and does not affect the sensitive layer of adhesive medical silicone. Rinse the foam off with clear water and let the pad air dry with the adhesive side up.
Your pad’s now once again ready to go and will retain its adhesiveness for up to 6 months, depending on your skin’s condition and with good care. If cared for and cleaned properly, we will guarantee its adhesiveness for 3 months.

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