Dr. med. Jörg Dabernig
As a plastic surgeon I regularly see women with unsightly creases, lines, or wrinkles on their chests and necklines, sometimes caused by excess sunbathing, but usually caused by sleeping on their sides. The best time to counteract the typical creases experienced by side sleepers is when they occur, i.e. at night. The goal would be to prevent the skin on your chest and neck from being pressed into creases overnight. This is best done by stabilizing the skin of the décolletage. The innovative YOUTHagain® method now offers a thin patented silicone pad just 1.2 mm thick which can reduce the appearance of creases, lines, and wrinkles on the chest and neckline in just days. We achieve visible results quickly by stabilizing sensitive skin to prevent the formation of new creases. At the same time, any existing wrinkles will be reliably made smoother. The treatment is non-invasive, using a pad made of special medical-grade silicone, the same material used to treat scars. This material has been used for quite some time in medical applications and very good results in the smoothing of scars have been achieved. It’s a brilliant idea to use this same high-quality silicone for beauty treatments. The treatment is supplemented with a specially developed hyaluronic serum that when applied under the silicone pad can achieve excellent penetration of the skin. Overall, this is a highly effective combination of active ingredients. This will even significantly extend the success of medical treatments.

The results convinced me right away. Also, my patients are delighted with the YOUTHagain® method because it is painless and gentle, delivers quick results, and affordable.

Dr. med. Jörg Dabernig Specialist in Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery, Haus der Schönheit Salzburg

Annemarie K.
I honestly could not imagine that something might work like this. I saw the set at a friend’s and she let me give it a try. Afterwards, I ordered one for myself right away. The effect is spectacular.
Annemarie K. from Munich
Sabine G.
Since I started using YOUTHagain, the ugly wrinkles on my chest have disappeared! I had previously tried a variety of methods, all empty promises. I now use it every day and would longer consider going to bed without my pad on.
Sabine G. from Dortmund
Hanna A.
I was recommended YOUTHagain by my beautician. You can really tell just how effective this product is. Also everything is very well explained on the website and, if you have questions, you can also give them a call. The great thing about it is that you can also use it on your neck.
Hanna A. from Hamburg
Katharina S.
I had been looking for a solution for my neck wrinkles for a long time. I finally found it with Silinova. After just a few applications, I saw a significant improvement.
Katharina S. from Stuttgart
Yvonne R.
I had never heard of Silinova, but, of course, the product is also completely new. I had previously tried a sleeping bra to prevent the worst. But the wrinkles that were already there did not, of course, go away. I was also anxious about what my husband might think of it, but the YOUTHagain silicone pad is so inconspicuous that one can hardly see it. You don’t feel it either. And the results are simply the best.
Yvonne R. from Gelsenkirchen

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